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Your eyes are supposedly the most important organ you have. Just imagine losing your eyesight. Well, it is a frightening and scary thing to just imagine that you are not able to see.

So, it comes as no surprise that taking care of your eye health is an important thing that you must not overlook or take lightly. Taking care of your eye isn’t limited to having less screen time and eating eye-health-friendly food, but it goes way beyond that. Just consult any eye specialist in Noida, or wherever you reside and you will come to know how important it is to know all that factors that affect your eye health.

While you may be aware of what you should do about your eye health, how about knowing what not to do to keep your vision in the best shape? Well, if you don’t, we list them down below:

  1. Not Limiting the Screen Time

About couple of decades ago parents used to scold their children to avoid sitting in front of TV for long, or being close to TV while watching. Now the screen exposure isn’t limited to just TV sets, but screen time using mobile devices, computers for a much longer time can be really distressing for your eyes.

2. Not Knowing What Food to Eat for Improved Eye Health

What food we eat is essential to our overall well-being, and it goes for our eye health as well. Just like you intake foods rich in protein when you want to have strong, lean muscle mass, there are certain food ingredients that are ideal for our eye health. These include copper, omega-3 fatty acids, zeaxanthin and lutein. To fulfil your requirements for these components, make sure you include food items in your meal including eggs, fish, legumes and nuts, leafy green vegetables, seeds, citrus fruits, sweet potatoes, and carrots.

3. Not Drinking Enough Water

Water is essential for almost any function and part of our body, and our eyes are not an exception to that. Proper intake of water leads to decrease dehydration that results less chances of dry eyes.

4. Not Avoiding Glares

Glaring with your naked eyes at bright objects such as sun, bright lights, headlights and as such can be enormously hurtful to eyes’ health. Over time, such exposures can lead to problems in vision.

5. Not Thinking About the Menace of Poor or Dim-Light Working Conditions

Whether it is reading in dimly lit room, or engaging in a household activity in poor light condition or any other work you are carrying out in conditions where lighting conditions are not good is damaging for the vision health.

6. Not Having Proper and Sound Sleep

Like water, having proper sleep is also essential for our eye health. Our eyes need to rest proper and the nerve function of the eyes can work effectively when you are having proper sleep time.

7. Not Quitting Smoking

If you smoke, it is just bad for your health, and it includes your eye health as well. And not just active but passive smoking too isn’t good for eye health.

8. Not Going for Eye Check-up Regularly

You know how important and critical your eye health is. So, as you visit a doctor for your regular health check-up, make sure that you regularly visit an eye hospital in Noida, or wherever you live, to consult your eye specialist and to know and keep track of your eye health status.

9. Not Factoring Eye Strain

Just like strain on your body takes a toll on your physical well-being, eye strain also is a big health concern that you should take care of properly. This can, subsequently, lead to eye fatigue. Make sure to follow the 20-20 rule, meaning after working on your computer or staring at mobile or any other screen for 20 minutes, you must take a break, look at an objective that is 20 feet away from you, for 20 seconds.

10. Not Removing the Contact Lenses When Sleeping

When it’s time for bed, it is time for those contact lenses to come out of your eyes. Sleeping in your contact lenses could cause eye infection over time.

11. Know How to Use Contact Lenses

There are several rules to this:

  • Do not wear your contact for too long
  • Don’t touch your contacts with dirty hands. Ensure that your hands are thoroughly washed and cleaned
  • Ensure that you don’t use saliva to remove lenses or for any other reason
  • When your contacts have expired or the expiration date is near, replace them immediately

12. Not Making Efforts for Physical Exercise

When you are away from physical activities, do not work out or exercise, it can lead to health conditions such as diabetes that subsequently lead to eye problems.


Apart from these factors, rubbing your eyes continuously, exposure to chlorine, environmental allergens, chemicals, dust or sand, are all factors that affect eye health negatively. If and when you are sensing some problems with your eyes and vision it is a cause of concern and you should immediately visit the best hospital in Noida, or elsewhere, and consult a reliable and experienced eye specialist to diagnose the problem and get it treated effectively.

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