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ECommerce SEO Services have been in high demand lately as businesses of all sizes tried to redirect their marketing efforts to the online world. Big street signs and spacious showrooms became obsolete virtually overnight as people were forced to do all of their transactions online.

As things start to open up, many are wondering if they still need eCommerce SEO services to stay afloat. Some mention the possibility of going back to normal and reducing their online marketing efforts to previous levels in order to redirect resources to good old-fashioned in-person customer service and display.

However, people now seem to like the newly acquired taste of convenience that only eCommerce platforms are capable of offering. Escaping this new reality would put any company at risk as it would lose any competitive advantage it built over the past year.

Let us understand how SEO benefits eCommerce businesses, especially in the long term.

What is SEO and why do you need it?

Many people use reductionist terms to define SEO. It does refer to Search Engine Optimization techniques that allow your website to gain more visibility by climbing up in search results.

However, it actually covers a lot more ground than just ranking. It must also include techniques that improve conversion rates and, counterintuitively, reduce marketing expenses. From an eCommerce SEO company´s perspective, it is extremely important that the newly generated traffic also generates increased revenue for their customers in the long run. So an eCommerce store’s website and conversion funnel design, along with wholesome content that keeps eyes on the screen, are also part of any SEO campaign nowadays.

How to optimize your site for search engines?

There are at least 200 factors that need to be considered when properly optimizing a website for top performance. Many of these have a lot to do with on-site technical SEO elements.

These include easy to overlook factors such as URL structure, proper heading structures, redirects, and the ever-important site load speed.

If these elements are not properly optimized, your website will have a hard time ranking. Moreover, any user that lands on your site will quickly feel the site does not offer a comfortable user experience and will bounce back to search results or close the tab.

The importance of keywords in SEO

But before an eCommerce website can start doing any SEO work, they first need to figure out the audience they want to target and the words they use the most when looking for products and services related to your industry.

These are the keywords and they will become the backbone of your SEO and digital marketing strategy as they are the most important piece of instruction Google needs to know if your website is worth a shot at the top of SERPs.

Target keyword research must always be the first step when building brand awareness, social media presence, and product pages.

Why content is important in SEO

Google analyzes the content of your pages searching for keywords and other clues that tell it that they are exactly what its users are looking for. Any technical SEO effort will fall flat on its face if Google cannot figure out what your pages are talking about or if they offer poorly written or irrelevant content.

Content marketing experts know how to capitalize on each one of your target keywords to build engaging pieces of text that people actually enjoy reading. There is a bit of engineering embedded in the content crafting process. The copy of your page must not only offer clear solutions for visitors but also entice them to go further down the conversion funnel. Remember that the ultimate goal is to increase sales.

These three aspects are covered by the best eCommerce SEO services providers. There are still more aspects such as link-building strategies and off-page optimization methods that require a deeper understanding of how search engines work. If you ever have a question about how to increase your online store´s standings with Google, please contact 1Digital Agency, an eCommerce SEO agency with almost ten years of experience, and talk to an eCommerce SEO expert today.

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