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Customizing your packaging can be a fun and creative process that you enjoy. The first thing to do is identify the type of product that you are packing. If it’s food, make sure to stay away from paperboard boxes because they will get soggy when wet. For clothing, think about how the customer will carry the package home with them before deciding on what size box to use. 

Another important consideration is whether or not you want people seeing inside of your package while it’s being shipped; in this case, try using bubble wrap for added protection. Also, you can use kraft packaging for your various kinds of products. It is eco-friendly and also durable enough to protect your products. 

Make Sure You Utilize Quality Packaging Solutions

The best way to ensure that your product is protected during shipment is by using quality packaging solutions. There are several types of boxes you can use, depending on the type and size of the product that needs protection. You may want to have different box sizes for each item or package them together in a larger container if they don’t need much cushioning.

If you’re shipping multiple products at once, be sure not to mix flammable items with non-flammables; also, avoid mixing heavy objects with light ones because it could cause damage when being moved around.

Choose Accurate Dimensions 

Choosing the right dimensions is quite necessary. It is important to find the right size that will fit your products well. You don’t want too small or big a box because it might damage some parts of your product, which may cause a loss in money and time.

Packaging Material 

You also need to choose boxes made out of strong materials; these are usually cardboard or corrugated paperboard boxes. Suppose you’re sending delicate items like glassware, dishes, collectibles, etc.

In that case, this kind of packaging should be avoided since they can easily break during shipment if not properly packed inside sturdy containers with enough cushioning material such as bubble wrap or other padding included on the top level.

Following are some of the materials that you can choose from for your product’s packaging. 

Cardboard Stocks

Choosing the best-customized boxes that you can use as your products’ packaging is important to choose cardboards made out of quality materials. There are specific types of corrugated boards like triple wall or double-wall; these have different capabilities such as strength and weight-bearing capacity per square foot basis. 

The first type has only two layers, which makes them lighter than other stock options, but they also don’t hold much load when being used for heavy-duty purposes. They are usually in brown color with flutes running vertically on both sides. This paperboard material works well for flat shipping items, so this kind would be a good choice if you’re sending home furniture or appliances.

Kraft Paper 

Kraft is an eco-friendly material. It is considered a heavyweight board, which means it has high thickness and can hold up to 40 pounds per square foot. Kraft paper’s main use as packaging material would be for shipping clothing or small items that are not breakable.

Non-Woven Fabric 

This type of corrugated board includes the three layers like other heavy-weight boards but with nonwoven fabric in between two flute sheets instead of solid kraft paper. This kind of stock provides strength so you can put heavier goods inside, such as books, dishes, and even laptop computers; however, this one doesn’t have good protection against moisture because its surface is porous and easily absorbs liquid spills. It also comes in brown color, just like triple walls. 

Corrugated Stock 

Corrugated is a sturdy option for packaging up your products. It’s made of three layers: two sheets of kraft paper adhered to a fluted inner sheet. It can be recycled and is 100% recyclable as well! 

Cotton Stock 

This kind of stock is the most eco-friendly type on the market today because it has all-natural ingredients like cotton, burlap, or jute, while others are mainly plastic-based materials such as polypropylene bags. This one is lightweight and easy for your customers to carry around, but unfortunately, this material isn’t waterproof, so you need other extra protection (like bubble wrap) if you want to put something sensitive inside that needs more care during the shipping process.

Foam Board 

Another option would be foam board which comes in different dimensions. It keeps the products intact and safe. No matter what kind of shape it is, this material will keep your products in one piece. It also provides a professional look and feels to the product, whether it’s for business or personal use. However, you should know that certain types are not meant to hold liquids, so if you want something more durable, then choose an option with thicker core boards instead (like Gatorfoam).

Wooden Boxes

The last choice would be wooden boxes because they have classic looks, but these only come when you order them from actual manufacturers since crafting wood on your own can take some time and effort, especially when getting all the necessary tools beforehand. This type, however, isn’t recommended for deliveries involving water as well, just like foam board ones above. 

Choose the Right Kind of Packaging 

Having customized packaging for your products has the potential to make you go a long way. The key is to know what kinds of materials you want to use and which one will best fit your purpose. Also, when it comes down to the size, make sure that it’s not too small since some sellers would take advantage of this by charging more for shipping costs to maximize their profits due on any sale. 

The Final Word 

Picking the right kind of packaging is crucial to your business’ success. Make sure you utilize quality packaging solutions, choose accurate dimensions, pick a material depending on what you’re shipping (cardboard stocks, Kraft paper, non-woven fabric), corrugated stock, or cotton stock, as well as foam board or wooden boxes. Once you have all these things figured out, it becomes time to start designing. You can avail of Custom Packaging From Stampa Prints. They offer a variety of customization techniques and printing possibilities to make your product packaging exceptional. 

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