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Sometimes in summer, the temperature rises so much, you even avoid going outside in the sun. As it is the temperature you can bear for a longer time, so in such weather conditions, you need a little protection and clothing to protect you from this heat. Summer clothing should be like that because it helps you keep your body temperature normal. The human body metabolism works well at the range between 25 centigrade to 35 centigrade.  Dressing in the hot weather can be challenging when you don’t want to sweat like crazy, so it is important to design your clothing in a way that helps you to keep your body temperature in the normal range.

In this article, we are discussing why we need extra care and how we can reduce the effect of summer weather.

What to wear in the hot summer season:

During the summer season, you need to protect your body from hot conditions, these hot conditions can cause dehydration and burn during the summer season. You can reduce the effect of the hot weather by following the given tips:

Go for white color and loose clothes:

Go for white cotton and linen clothes during the scorching heat, it can be a bit relaxing for you during the hot summer season. Try to avoid the darker colors as it can be really hotter for you, the darker colors usually absorb more heat energy, and also the tight clothes also make you hotter. The air can’t pass through the tight clothes and it heats up due to your body’s warmth. The tighter clothes also hinder the natural evaporation of your body.

Use the sunglasses:

Sunglasses are quite fashionable and protect your eyes from the glare of the sun. The harmful ultraviolet rays can harm the corneas of your eyes. The summer sun can burn the cornea of the eyes, you can become partially blind during the summer when driving through the hot sun. It’s better to use sunglasses, to protect your eyes from the hot weather conditions. When choosing sunglasses try to choose glasses, which protect 90 to 100 percent of the UV light.

Use hats and sunscreen creams:

A hat is a smarter choice during the summer season, it can provide shade and protect your head from burning in the hot sun. A wide-brimmed hat can prevent UV light from directly striking the sensitive spots of your face. The UV light can burn your face skin.

It is better to use a face cream to protect yourself from the nasty burn of the UV light rays, sunscreen with an SPF rating of at least 15 and higher-rated and waterproof sunscreen if you are going to the beach or going to the poolside. 

Nothing knocks good days off a summer calendar like a nasty sunburn. 


Summer weather is a testing time for most of us, as you can’t avoid it, whether you are sitting in your A/C room or wandering in the sun, you can feel the effect of hotter conditions. So it is better to protect yourself from the scorching heat of summer.

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