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Your interior wall is not just a necessary part of your home, but an element that can make wonders for your entire home interior decor theme. A plain wall is definitely a boring aspect, one that can also dull your home design.

Just adding a few features and elements to your wall can bring out a radical change in overall appeal of your decor theme. And your living room wall decor doesn’t have to be anything random, but an imaginative input and a creative process can be a big aspect to transform your space and make your house truly a home that you will love to show to others as well.

Here, we list down some interesting home wall decoration tips that will add personalized and captivating style to your home’s appeal:

  1. Work with Art Pieces

Art hangings are the most loved and effective pieces that can add life to the entire wall. And you should go for large and not small paintings or photographs that draw attention. You can go for abstract arts, black-and-white images, or coloured & vibrant pieces that will bring a striking effect.
2. Hanging Mirrors

Mirrors are not just a utility addition. While these are sometimes overlooked, mirrors can be a great addition to any type of wall. These are suitable for a small wall, helping to make that space brighter and larger.

3. Hanging Planters

Many people are taking to hang planters on the wall, a new and inspiring fad in the wall decoration items that could not just be a creative texture to the wall design but also make for a greener addition. You will find a wide range of wall-mounted planters that bring nature right into your interior space.

4. Create a Gallery of Photographs

A gallery of images adorning your wall won’t just be a great eye-soother, but can also add personalization to the overall space. Try out a collection of your family album photos, or pick a theme and arrange images related to that. Make sure that you are putting a thought on frames as well, which needs to be cohesive yet simple. Experiment with different variations and mixtures.

5. Go for Full Sized Wallpaper

Wall covering is also an effective way to transform your wall completely and effectively. For this you can opt for wallpapers in a certain design, pattern or a theme that you like or find resonating with the space design.

6. Make Mural Painting

Either hand-painted, or by hiring a professional, you can have a mural painted on the wall, reflecting your imagination, your preferred motif or something that is close to nature.

7. Use Oversized Wall Calendar

A calendar is also a basic thing that adorns at least one wall of our house. However, why not make this a great design addition to enhance the appeal of that wall itself. This room usually is the living room or the kitchen. Opt for an oversized wall calendar with a modern or creative image display in that.

8. Give Accent to Your Wall

Why not go from simple object display to using different accent charms. This can be adding bold or bright paint colours, or exploring with decorative paint methods, or combining stencils and wallpapers, or making use of some other patterns and elements.

9. Bookshelves are a Great Addition

While keeping your book in shelves and drawers is one thing, why not take these to the wall. Floating shelves are a chic addition for your living room or study room wall, which will not keep your books safe and secured but will also be a great design theme.

10. Add a Fabric Style

Do you have some vintage or beautiful textile materials that can be spread wide to create a decent look? You can frame these fabrics in unique design styles, and have them embellish your wall, all for a new decor style that everyone will love.

11. Mix & Match with Colours and Ornaments

Plan out your wall decoration through a mix & match formula. This can be trying our different coloured and patterned wall covering, placing different size, category and themed decor objects, and much more

12. Play with Ceramics and Plates

Do you have old ceramics that you no longer use, or have fine china sitting in your cabinet? You can try using wire plate hangers to decorate your walls showcasing dishes. And for old ceramics, why not paint these with design themes and decorate on your wall in a symmetrical pattern.
13. Display Antique Items

There are several antique items that you can find online or in your local market, that can be well used and placed to make your wall shine and reflect a scheme.

There are several home decor items that you can find and buy and combine to embellish your wall in a meaningful and effectual way that adds taste and charm.

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