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The exchange of gifts has always been an interesting tradition. Whether it is about your friends or family, colleagues or someone special, it is a big deal to think of an item that is good to win hearts. When it comes to your loved ones, it becomes even tougher to find out anything special for them. However, a wristwatch is such a gift that always stands out from other things. 

So here we have got a list of 6 watches for men & women that you can gift to your loved ones!

  1. Mythique Luxury Watches for Men
  2. Coeur D’Amour for Women
  3. Corona Watches for Men
  4. Dream I Luxury Watches for Women
  5. Trofeo Luxury Watches for Men
  6. Lola Collection for Women

Mythique Luxury Watches for Men

If you are looking for a luxuriously designed efficient watch for men, then Rene Mouris’s Mythique automatic collection is best to choose from. The cuts and curves, the elegance of the dial, and the grace of its strap make it something not to miss. As a French luxury watch brand, Rene Mouris has got inspiration from the Eiffel Tower for the design of this alluring timepiece. Its semi-skeleton dial is the most special thing about the watch that makes it a perfect unique gift for your loved ones. This watch can be worn on all occasions and in routine as well. Mythique watch is available with leather and stainless steel straps.

Coeur D’Amour for Women

Women are quite selective in fashion accessories and when it comes to buying a watch, they turn skeptical if that would be turning out as a good choice or not. However, if you are going to select for your loved one, then trust that Rene Mouris knows well about women’s choices. Coeur D’Amour’s collection for women has a fancy touch and an elegance that is incomparable in all aspects. Its design is gorgeous and perfect to win the heart of someone special to you. The watch is from quartz caliber and functions efficiently.

Corona Watches for Men

Corona automatic luxury watches by Rene Mouris, which is named after the Corona Borealis constellation, is the finest blend of a dress and sports watch. Usually, men like to wear such watches that keep them in bold yet elegant looks. So, this watch is perfect for them. This watch is available in both leather and stainless steel bands. If you want your loved one to stand apart in class, go for this timepiece as a gift because it would be turning out as the best decision ever!

Dream I Luxury Watches for Women

Looking for something super-luxurious in design and quality? Well, the Dream I quartz chronograph watch by Rene Mouris is the perfect choice to gift to your loved one. The alluring dial and band of this timepiece depict that watchmakers have put all their heart into making this watch up to the mark. These watches can be gifted on Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversaries, and birthdays as well.

Trofeo Luxury Watches for Men

For the ones who like a combination of some rough and tough looks with creative exquisiteness as per the latest trends, the Trofeo quartz chronograph watch is a perfect gift. This watch is exclusively inspired by a car dashboard with a sporty touch that makes it best to wear with casual outfits. The round case, with a gnarly bezel combined with a stainless steel band, has brought out the class of this timepiece suitable to wear every day. So, if you want to gift something different yet sophisticated at a reasonable price, Trofeo luxury watches are seamless to consider.

Lola Collection for Women

Rene Mouris brings something with a perpetual romantic touch that makes way directly to one’s heart. Some of the things are designed in a manner that tells their story on their own by indulging one in its ultimate grace. This luxury watch from the Lola collection has the same feel and it is worthiest to present as a gift to your loved one. The balanced blend of simplicity and fancy work makes it something carved out of true craftsman spirit. It can be carried on the wrist for every occasion.

So, this list of 6 watches is definitely going to serve the purpose of making your loved ones feel special as Rene Mouris promises to serve as per the customer’s choice.

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