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MBBS in China

A China is a country with lots of opportunities for national as well as international students. China has one of the largest economies in the world. China and Russia are considered to be the preferred destinations to study MBBS. Having the oldest civilization in the world. China is rich in culture, and it has set a standard for all other countries.

Studying MBBS in China is one of the best decisions medical students from other countries can make, most Indian students. Having fewer medical seats in medical colleges of India, pursuing an MBBS degree in China is the best option for them.

The best thing is that most Chinese medical universities are approved by the National Medical Commission of India (NMC) and World Health Organization (WHO), which encourage students to Study MBBS in China. China itself provides lots of career opportunities for MBBS students in china.

Reasons to Study MBBS in China

Oldest civilization: China is considered rich in culture, and it is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Chinese medicine or herbal medicine of China is very popular. It is very effective as ayurvedic medicine in India is considered the best medicine without any side effects. Chinese medical universities teach about ancient medicine, which is aware and encourages students to study medicine.

Low cost: China is a Progressive country. It has initiated a plan to provide an affordable education of medicine to medical students of China and international medical students. It is very affordable to take MBBS admissions in China. Chinese medical universities provide better quality education with affordable fees and other accommodations.

High budget for medical science: It has a very high education budget for research and development in medical science in the world. Indian medical students, as well as students from other countries who are interested in research work, can take admission to Chinese medical universities.

Similar curriculum to India: Students find it beneficial to study MBBS in China because of better facilities. A similar curriculum that is here in India of MBBS is available in China. The students can adapt to the Chinese environment easily as compared to Russian or other foreign universities.

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Career options after studying MBBS in china

Many career opportunities are waiting for medical students after studying medicine in China as China is encouraging medical science education worldwide.

Practice in China: Students pursuing MBBS can choose to practice in China as well. China provides lots of opportunities to understand better various diseases and problems that arise in the human body. To serve humanity and eliminate these problems and diseases, China provides better facilities and opportunities. Thus, most of the students prefer to stay in China and continue their practice.

Post Graduation(MD/MS): Indian medical Students must clear the foreign medical graduate examination (FMGE) after studying Medicine in China or any other University in the world. After qualifying for the exam, Indian medical students can register themselves in the National Medical Commission of India (NMC) and can appear in the NEET exam for post-graduation in general medicine (MD) or post-graduation in general surgery (MS) or can do practice in India after qualifying the exam.

Job in the United States: After getting a degree from Chinese medical universities, medical Students have the option to appear in the United States medical licensing examination (USMLE) for a license to practice in the United States. But suppose medical students can do post-graduation from the USA. In that case, they can practice in the US without appearing in any exam. Thus it is recommended for medical students. They want to do a job in the United States to do post-graduation in the United States, which will be beneficial in the United States and their home country.

General Practitioner: After getting an MBBS degree from China, medical students or upcoming doctors can serve as general practitioners in government hospitals of China or any government agency of China and private hospitals of China and private agencies of China. As these have high pay salaries for overseas medical students because of their multilingual professional qualities.

Management: Few students are thinking about changing their field. Some fields attract medical students, such as management. This is the fastest development sector with better career opportunities. Medical students may give it a try to be a management in medical institutes and medical colleges. However, students who take this decision are quite low, but students prefer this as their option.

Researchers: Medical students can go for research agencies in medicine in China. China encourages medical students to serve as researchers and give new inventions to society. It also helps in eliminating diseases. China is one of the countries that invest in research. It has modern technology and modern equipment, which contribute to successful research.

Work in medical and multinational companies: Medical students who have studied in China are allowed to serve in medical companies of China and multinational companies of China. As international students are considered to be the best choice for this job because of their multilingual qualities. The salaries international students get in China are also higher than doctors. Thus medical students can choose this as a career option.

Administrative officer: To work as an administrative official in medical organizations is also a good choice after studying medicine in China. This job has a higher status than other jobs. It has a fast development platform for medical students. That’s why most of the students consider this option because of its high status in society. It has better salaries than other jobs in the concerned field.


Hence there are lots of opportunities that are available for medical students who have pursued MBBS from China. The main advantage of having an MBBS degree from China is that there are lots of high pay salaries waiting for the medical students. Indian students can also apply for these high-paying jobs in china. Because in the end, only high status and successful career matters in our society.

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