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Roadrunner email services are becoming increasingly popular with the passing days. Its features like ample storage space and quick and straightforward configuration fuel its popularity. However, when it gets updated, users often report Roadrunner email not working problem. Users of this email service also encountered issues after the Mac OS was upgraded to 10.10.4. If you’re finding yourself in this situation, there’s no need to feel anxious. Keep reading to find out various effective resolutions for this problem. 

What Are the Troubleshooting Techniques for the Roadrunner Email Not Working Problem?

There are many troubleshooting ways through which you can eliminate the Roadrunner email problems. The resolutions mentioned below are easy to implement. 

1. Check if you have the correct Roadrunner settings

You should first begin by checking the settings of your RR email. Find the right incoming and outgoing server settings below.

  • Incoming server settings
  1. Input your email address as username.
  2. Input your Roadrunner mail password.
  3. The server will be
  4. Input 110 as the port number.
  5. The security type should be none.
  • Outgoing server settings
  1. Input username as
  2. Input your Roadrunner mail password.
  3. The server will be
  4. The security type should be none.
  5. Input 587 as the port number.

2. Resolve Roadrunner email issues in Mac OS 10.10.4

Many users cannot correctly set up their Roadrunner mail in Mac OS 10.10.4. If you are also troubled by it, follow these pointers.

  • Launch the ‘Email’ app on the Mac device. 
  • Click on the option of ‘Preferences.’
  • Open the ‘Account’ menu and look for the problematic email account. After that, tap on the ‘Advanced’ menu. 
  • Select the option of ‘Automatically correct & detect email account settings.’
  • Tick the box that corresponds to it and start the application again.
  • If you see that this option is marked already, untick it and then tick it off again. After that, start your app again. 

3. See if the Spectrum server is down

Another common cause of the Roadrunner email problem is the Spectrum server facing downtime. You need to check your server. For it, visit See what it tells you. If it shows ‘ not working’, then you will undoubtedly face the email problem. 

4. Check if your RR email account is locked.

Sometimes, the Roadrunner email account becomes inactive when it is locked. It happens when the company locks you of your account. In such a case, you cannot access your account. It may occur if you have not used your RR email account for an extended time or have breached its privacy policy. In such a scenario, you can reset your email account password. 

Final Words

If you implement these solutions, you won’t have to deal with the Roadrunner email not working problem again. Those having Mac devices can also eliminate this issue effectively. Visit the official Spectrum support page for further assistance.

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