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Your body shape has a direct relationship with your health, if you are a little plus size, it means you would have the body shape of an Apple or Pear shape. Whatever you wear, if you have a well-maintained and better body shape, you can wear according to your desire like stylish cotton Indian Kurti, with purposeful leggings and skinny jeans. There is a lot of variety in Indian Kurti online, you can choose according to your size. When you are aware of your body shape, you can choose a perfect workout routine according to your physique.

In this article, we are discussing how body shape can help you to find various health-related issues in advance:

Your body shape and your health:

If you have a fatty body, it means you have an Apple or Pear type body shape. When you are possessing such body shapes, it means you have an extended belly and heavy thighs. The fats around your belly can be dangerous for your health. People don’t care, What they’re eating? How much are they eating? This kind of attitude makes you a little obese. Your body shape would become a little Apple or Pear shape. People maintaining a healthy lifestyle usually have an Athletic body shape, which is perfect for wearing a dressing of your taste and style. The hourglass body shape is also good for wearing clothes of your choice.

Consequences of increased weight:

The medical professional warns, when your weight exceeds a certain limit, it means you are in constant danger of diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes. The main cause of increased weight is using too much sugary and fatty food, and not maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

There are different fatal consequences of fats and increased weight for your health, we are highlighting some of them:

  • When the cholesterol increases to a certain level, it causes the increased production of cholesterol in your body, the high production of Low-density Lipoprotein(LDL) Cholesterol can be fatal for your health, as it accumulates in the blood arteries as plaque and the person feel a condition of high blood pressure and headache.
  • If the condition persists, it can cause cardiovascular problems, and you are always in danger of heart attack, as your blood flow is constantly finding less space through arteries, and your heart has to work more to supply blood to the body. 
  • You can find problems in digestion, due to lack of activity, your body produces less gastric juice, which is essential in digesting the food, and you would always be in danger of diseases like ulcers and hermaphrodite.
  • Your pancreas produces less insulin, which is essential for controlling the sugar level in your body, and you are now prone to blood sugar or diabetes.

How to maintain better body shape:

To maintain the weight at the desired level, you have to calculate your daily requirement of calories. Try to eat according to a daily intake of calories and do exercise to burn extra calories. When you maintain such a routine, you can manage your weight in the desired range. You can wear it according to your desire.

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