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Mobile apps are so reliable for people that they wish to use them more and more.  Being a health enthusiast while sitting under the sunray in the morning, what else do you need if you have found some good fitness solution at your convenience without any disturbance and sound.

That’s the way fitness app development caters services to their users at the place of their comfort. These apps would be a savior to avoid any gym visits and offer plenty of features.

So no more excuses, it’s time to get up and give some fire at the start of your day.

Many fitness apps in the market of Singapore would be a great pick for the people.  What are they? Let’s check them out.

Let’s See 5 Top-Rated Singapore based Fitness Apps

  1. Strava – Track Running, Cycling & Swimming

Strava app is known to be the editor’s choice fitness app available in the Google Play store. Whether you are a marathon runner or a pro bike rider, this app is one option to track your fitness, record routes, and map your routes with the world’s largest trail network. You can track your distance, or your running speed using the fast wearable Android devices or Wear OS devices.

The Strata activity tracker supports sports such as Swim, Alpine Ski, Hike, Surf, Yoga, Gym Workouts, and many more.

  1. HealthHub SG

This app is introduced by Integrated Health Information Systems Pte Ltd, which helps to take care of the health of your loved ones. Using one app you can control several things. You can access the prescription records of your loved ones, manage appointments, and pay your bills via the easy money integration. It’s the free app available on the play store with downloads of 30k.

  1. Jefit

This fitness application is for those who have never performed any exercise on the gym machine. With the availability of 1300+ gym exercises, Jefit is the absolute option for fitness prodigies.  It contains a myriad list of features that help to strengthen every bit of muscle.

   Note: This app is for expert training people, and the novice as well.

  1. Yoga Studio  

Get yourself yoga ready with the Yoga Studio. Sitting at your home, enjoy the free 100 easy-to-follow yoga tutorials and sort them according to your wish. This app offers a range of specialties for everyone including yoga for runners,  yoga for mental health, yoga for back pain, and others. You can personalize your experience and focus only on your objective.

Note: Perfect for the beginner, advanced yogis, and yoga instructor.

  1. OneNUHS

This app is developed by the National University Health System (NUHS) to allow its users to access their health records across the institution.

The patient can be able to manage their appointments and set reminders. They can request medication refills. Easily check their status, payment delivery via simple integrations. Users can download their reports directly from the app.

This fitness app allows its users to access their data using biometric information such as fingerprint and face recognition. It offers plenty of features including lab test results, prescription records, etc.

People who need first-time consultation can interact with the chatbot to obtain information about the clinic operating hours.


We all are well equipped with many facilities in our life, why not focus on health the same way. Many fitness apps are already available in the market, but people would notice and try only those apps that are relevant to their needs. Octal Info Solution is one such great fitness mobile app development option situated in Singapore to consider for your next mobile app.

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